Now that I am happy with the fillings that I have made for my Christmas chocolates, its time to find the colors, patterns, and technics that I want to use. For me, this would be the hardest part. Trying to find some harmony, a nice flow between the three flavors that I am creating ( no clashing).

Little Sins Chocolate bonbonLittle Sins Chocolate Caramel Bonbon


You can use colored cocoa butter, as long as you have tempered it! ( you heat it to 45C and then bring it down to 30-31 degrees Celsius), use your finger, a brush, sponge. Just check the temperature once in a while.

For the gingerbread, I wanted some gold colors, and for the apple cider a deep ruby red and the last chocolate ( that I haven't posted yet ) will be green, found a nice emerald green to use. So we will see how they all tie together in a box.

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